Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We were fortunate enough to travel to East Texas where I went all the time to visit my grandparents and now my children are going there to visit my Dad and grandmother. We call it the "camp" or PawDee's lake house and the kids always have a blast. 
My 90 yr old grandmother, MawDee (short for Mama Drouet) was there. Dakota got held a lot by this amazing woman. She still cooked dinner for us each night we were there. Love her!
 Dilan and PawDee. PawDee had been working hard on redoing a room downstairs and let his beard grow out. He reminded me of Santa Claus a bit. :)
 Sitting on the bench in the new room
 Dilan driving the pontoon boat
 Drake's turn as captain of the boat
 Drew driving the boat
 Getting in the lake and having fun
 Doing puzzles with Nannie. Nannie also taught Drew how to play multiple card games over the weekend which he said was his favorite part
 Riding the golf cart
 Playing card games every night
 PawDee had the kids roast hot dogs over the fire
 More time with MawDee
 Lake Tejas is the local water park. It has a big slide, small slides, inflatables and diving boards. So much fun. We went here growing up and it has gotten even better. We literally spent hours on the slide here. 
 Here was Dilan and Drake's main attraction

 Drew is big enough to do all the inflatables and big water slide too. He is so growing up!

 Finally we ended our weekend with visiting Pop's grave on Memorial Day. Here are the 6 oldest grandchildren.