Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Fever

Friday we had our special visitors from California come see us! Mandy and her kids stopped in for a night and it was such a treat. The boys played nerf wars nonstop and the kids watched a bit of Cinderella Friday night too and ate pizza together. Mandy and I stayed up late talking (of course) and we had pancakes and eggs Saturday morning. The kids do so well together! Drake had a play date Saturday morning and when he came back, he asked if "his cousins" were still at our house. He was pretty disappointed that they had left but even more that they weren't his actual cousins!! 
As Drew and I mulched last that afternoon, Drew was feeling worse and worse. He had started to feel bad Thursday night but felt better Friday. I could tell he had a fever. After our last scheduled house and Drew felt bad he couldn't get out of the car to help, I took him over to the urgent care and found out he had strep with a 102.3 fever! He received a steroid treatment, a cough suppressant and an antibiotic. Later he told me the breathing treatment scared him because the nurse told him that it would make him jittery. 
While we were at the urgent care and mulching, David and the rest of the kids went to Academy and bought a basketball hoop. We spent a few hours putting it together and the kids are loving it! While we worked, the younger kids made a fun house out of the box the hoop came in. They rode bikes and enjoyed being outside while we worked on it. We broke in our first games of HORSE already!!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Drake's kindergarten field trip was to Frisco Fire Safety Town. I had Dakota go to a play date so I could chaperone. First, the kids learned a lot about Fire Safety and then they rode the jeeps which of course was the highlight of the trip. Drake's class walked first while the other class drove. Drake led his friends around the town using the signals and cross walks. Then, when it was time to drive , he drove so well! Legoland must have really prepared him :) Other kids were driving on the wrong side of the road and would drive up on the curbs and into the bushes but Drake did awesome. No wonder he wants to be a garbage truck driver!!! 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Preschool class picture (age4)

Dakota loves Ms. Elizabeth's class. She's with her friends, Braelyn and Jade, and she goes Tuesday's and Thursday's. She likes a piece of bread, applesauce, goldfish, and a fruit roll up for lunch. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Data Recovery

Ace Data Recovery is my hero! Right before David  left for China Drew asked me to see some of his childhood videos. I decided that this was a good project to work on while David was gone. So the Wednesday before he left on Thursday I opened up our new hard drive to find that David had not transferred the videos over to it.  Everything else was there including all of our photos. I am mediately got the old hard drive and hooked it up to my laptop and begin copying the videos over to the new hard drive. I closed the top of the laptop and walked out. When I walked back in the hard drive was no longer connected to my laptop. When I asked David what happened he said that I had to keep the screen open in order to continue copying the files. But when he closed the screen, the hard drive fell to the ground and would not turn back on. I was panicked. And we searched our other drives for the videos and they weren't on them. I could barely sleep from the anxious feelings and complete devastation I felt. I couldn't eat, I cried a lot and David was across the world in China. By Monday, I found a place by reading google reviews that I had hope in. Ace Data Recovery was it. I shakinglybput the hard drive in my car and traveled half an hour there. Talked to the man behind the desk and he told me there were Russian engineers that worked there and if they didn't have the code to get the data they could write it. Two agonizing days went by before I got the phone call that they could recover my data. $1300 later and another week gone by and finally had the videos in my hands. I can't even say how upset I was over these videos. I had burned up to 2011amd had the 2016 videos but I was missing 4 years and I just couldn't imagine losing it. Now, onto actually getting those videos into movies so we can have them and enjoy them!!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Zoo holiday

The weather was supposed to be rainy today but instead, it was bright and sunny! I quickly asked the kids if they would like to spend President's Day going to the zoo and the answer was a resounding, "Yes!" We packed lunches and the double stroller and many water bottles and headed out. We went straight in to ride the carousel twice and moved on to seeing the elephants, feeding the giraffes crackers, and feeding the birds nectar. We enjoyed riding the train twice choosing the blue car first and then the red caboose last, and heading into the lego tent to build legos. Dakota played with the large legos and the other kids built their own creations with the smaller ones. Drake built an airplane, and Drew a dogsled.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Trunk or Treat 2015

Our trunk or treat was with our brand new ward this year before we had even met for a Sunday together. So, most of the people we didn't know but there were some familiar faces so that was good. It rained so the event was held indoors and the kids loved going from classroom to classroom getting candy. Dakota got the hang of it real quick and she and Drake stuck together. I didn't see Dilan most of the night because once she found her friends, she went around with them. She even sat with her friends at their table for the chili cook-off. It was a sign of things to come if she is choosing her friends at age 6 already! MawMille and Popo were here with us for Drake's birthday weekend and were able to share in the fun along with us. They enjoyed seeing the kids dressed up in their costumes and seeing them trick or treat at the church.

Sky Ranch

Drew's overnight 5th grade trip was to Sky Ranch. He left on a Wednesday morning and came back Friday afternoon. When I dropped him off in the cafeteria, he found out he was in the teal cabin and placed teal tags on his bags. At first, he was disappointed thinking he wasn't with his friends but as more of them showed up, they all had teal tags too! His best friend, Matthew, and his Dad were in Drew's cabin so that brought a smile to Drew's face immediately. Once he was off on his trip, I didn't get to hear from him until he was home on Friday. I picked him up and he reported that he had so much fun. He bought two stuffed animal souvenirs and bought some extra treats at meal time. He did say that he "had the worst spaghetti of his life" but the breakfasts were really good. Drew loved bouncing high on the Jumping Pillow which was a huge inflatable all of the kids could get on together. He also enjoyed ziplining for the first time. His first overnight trip without family was a success! Drew didn't get homesick or "miss us that much." :)

David turns 38!

David's birthday was on a Monday this year and it was an actual holiday for the kids but David had to work. So, Drew came up with an idea to create a birthday scavenger hunt for David when he got home. We grabbed some of David's favorites at the stores and bought smaller presents to make it fun. Drew did it all himself and the kids loved following David around from place to place in the house as he found clues. David got a new Minion t-shirt, x-box live, the new Star Wars xbox game, Kit Kats, chocolate chip cookies, Dr. Pepper, and an awesome pumpkin ice cream cake. It was a lot of fun to see the kids take over the holiday and celebrate. A dinner at Chili's after the scavenger hunt was a tasty way to end the night!

Nichols Dash 2015

 Drew and Dilan participated in their school's fun run to raise money for the school. They all received new spirit shirts with the state of Texas on them and new colors this year, dark blue for 5th grade and green for 1st. The 5th graders started out strong and fast and then just had fun with their friends. The Specials teachers started a mob flash dance to Thriller which was fun to watch. Drew ran x laps and Dilan ran x. Both of them did very well and really enjoyed the run. Dilan's teacher, Mrs. Harrison, even ran with her for a few laps, both of them trying to beat the other.

Do the Locomotion with Me

Drew had a 5th grade performance this week where each class sang a song, Glee style. It was after a PTA meeting which by the way was painful to sit through but the highlight came when Drew's class sang, "Do the Locomotion with Me" and had to dress in red, white or blue. Drew was surprised I knew the song and could sing it along with him. I used to dance and sing along to that song when I was his age! But he loved the song chosen for his class because of course, it had to do with trains and he was excited most of all because he was the engine of the train in the song standing on the end. It was a happy performance filled with smiles and joy.