Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Zoo trip 2014

I took the kids to the zoo and we were able to see the cheetahs, feed the giraffes, ride the pony, ride the carousel, make a souvenir penny for Dilan which then she lost during the day, eat a picnic lunch, and play in the water at the kids' park. It was great the first two hours but pretty hot and tiring the last hour we were there. All the kids were asleep by the time we got home!

FC Dallas vs NE Revolution 2014

Drew completed the summer reading program at the local library and we can get a few free tickets to some FC Dallas games. David has already taken Drew once before and this time, it was my turn to go. I was really looking forward to it. Right when we got there, the excitement began as the smells of the food and the sounds of the stadium were so familiar. We loved going to the game - we saw a 90 minute goal by FC Dallas which led them to win the game 2-0.
 Drew only wanted a pretzel, no salt
Our view of the game - anywhere in the stadium is a great view
 After the game, I took Drew to the fan store and bought him an FC Dallas shirt. On our way out, we went by the area where the players leave and we met Walker Zimmerman. He is a defender on the team and we got his autograph and picture. It was so fun to meet one of the players. That same week, we went to playgroup at a pool in an apartment complex and this guy got into the pool. As I swam with Dakota closer to him, I recognized him as Walker Zimmerman! It was crazy so my friend asked him if he played soccer for FC Dallas and when he confirmed it, I told him we were at the game and we met him Saturday night. We had a fun conversation about soccer, Georgia which is where he's from, and I wished him luck on his next game.

Gone Fishin' 2014

The weather last weekend was rainy and cloudy for three days straight. We got a lot done inside the house but we were excited when our next-door neighbors invited us to go fishing in the evening. It was a nice night and we headed over to Lonestar Ranch. We used live worms and caught fish immediately. It was so fun to see the kids cast their lines and get a fish so fast. Drew caught 5 fish including 4 perch and 1 bass. He enjoyed holding them by the mouth and throwing them back in the water. Drake had so much fun as he giggled with delight each time he caught one. Dilan loved it too and she was brave to touch the fish she caught. 

 Our whole family fishing
 Me and Dakota. I was on Dakota duty watching her, making sure she was safe, and taking the pictures of our experience.

Frisco Heritage Museum

I took the kids to the Frisco Heritage Museum for the day. Drew went this past year for his 3rd grade field trip so he was our own personal tour guide. The kids loved seeing the old trains, the old cars, even an old bank safe.

 There was an old living room set up with 1950s furniture and a black and white tv. The furniture was small and uncomfortable and the kids had fun learning how to use a rotary phone. They were amazed at how long it took to dial someone's number.

 Their favorite part of the museum was the cotton farm area. This little house was so entertaining. We tried on pioneer clothing, and their favorite part was playing farmer with all of the pretend food. They played so well together for a long time.

 The jailhouse outside was so interesting to see. We couldn't go inside but looking in there, it was dark and hard to imagine people actually locked inside.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Independence Day 2014

July 4th is always fun because we get to be with our family and swim! Dakota loved it and thinks she can swim all on her own. I told Dilan that she could not use a floatie at all in the pool and with a bit of complaining at first, she eventually chose to show us how she could swim, which we knew she could do because she was swimming at her swim lessons back in late April. Once Dilan got her confidence that first swim, she was swimming like a fish the rest of the week and the rest of the summer. What was really amazing was that Drake learned how to swim all by himself! I took his floaties off to eat lunch and when we got back in the water, I didn't point it out to Drake that he didn't have his floaties on. He tried to swim across the spa to me and then noticed he didn't have his floatie. When he started to get out to get it, I convinced him that I would help him swim in the spa without it. Sure enough, he started swimming to me across the spa back and forth. I was so excited and we cheered Drake on. He began jumping in the big pool and swimming to the steps all by himself. So exciting to see Drake accomplish this and so proud of him for being brave to try. 
 Drew, Dilan, and their cousins ran the kids' race for the July 4miler. It was Dilan's first time to run the race and she did a great job. She didn't want to run in the age 6 and under group but instead she chose to run with the 7-12 age group. Drew ran the race too and he placed first! We saw them take off running and when the first kids started to come back, they all had red shirts on. There were about four kids in front and then I saw Drew coming around the corner in his blue shirt. I started cheering him on and he started running a full sprint. He passed the three boys by taking the inside track. And then there was a girl in front of him that he literally over took to win the whole race. He was so determined to win and he did it. It was pretty awesome and so much fun to watch.
 We watched the fireworks from the front door because the mosquitoes were pretty bad. But we did go out on the porch for a bit to pop the poppers the kids got for competing in the race that morning. 
This picture is of the five big kids with their patriotic shirts

Scout Camp 2014

Drew loved scout camp last year so he was really looking forward to going this year again. Since David has had some health problems recently, I chose to volunteer this year. I loved being with Drew and his troop. We started off making our crafts and then we moved on to splash time with water games. Unfortunately, during that event, the thunder and clouds rolled in and the next hour was spent taking cover in a barn until they cancelled the rest of the day. Drew was quite disappointed as we drove home. He said, "why did it have to rain on the day you were there?" But when the next day was cancelled all together because of the weather, he realized that me getting to go for half a day was better than nothing. 
 It was very unfortunate that we had to wear maroon shirts as parent volunteers. So I just chose to accessorize with my longhorn hat!

Kinsey and Keely's 38th Birthday!

My 38th birthday started off by going to breakfast at Starwood Cafe with the kids and David before David had to go to work.
Lots of cards, flowers, and treats were delivered to me for my special day.
Me and my baby at my birthday celebration dinner. We went to a Japanese hibachi grill in Pearland with the whole family. Drew ate steak while Dilan and Drake ate chicken fried rice.
 Me and Keely with our birthday cake celebrating our special day. The kids all took turns putting the candles on our cake. 

Drew is 9!

Our family tradition of balloons on the birthday morning. Drew picked light blue.
 Drew woke up on his birthday which was a Sunday and opened his gifts. MawMille and Popo gave Drew an electric scooter. He loves it!
 Drew and some of his birthday gifts. We gave him the Lego Arctic Truck. Drew spent a few days of the following week just putting together his new legos.

Drew's 9th Birthday Party!

 Drew turned 9 years old! We can't believe it. 9 years with us, 9 years until he leaves us. It's enough to make me cry but I choose to stay present and enjoy raising this wonderful boy of ours. Drew wanted his party at Main Event and it did not disappoint. He chose to play laser tag and do the gravity ropes course which was a lot of fun.
David was able to play laser tag with Drew and his friends. They all came out sweaty afterwards so it was a hard fought battle.
 Drew getting ready to do the Gravity Ropes Course. This kid is not afraid of heights at all. Three of his friends chose to play mini golf instead of the ropes course because they were uncomfortable. So, David and I harnessed up and were able to participate. MawMille and Popo played mini golf with the little kids while we were on the ropes course. Dakota kept walking up and down the greens having so much fun.

 Drew loves cookie cakes and this year, we did one with a Captain America shield on it. We also all dressed in red, white and blue shirts as a family.

After we ate pizza and cookie cake, there was only 10 minutes left and we still wanted to play in the arcade. So, we saved the presents to open at home and headed off to GAME! Drew and I played Fruit Ninja which is our favorite game to earn points and then Drew wanted to play air hocket; first with Dilan and then against me. We had an absolute blast. The party was easy and so much fun.
Happy Birthday, Drew! His gifts included lots of lego sets, a water rocket, a zombie nerf gun, nerf glow-in-the-dark football, and $ too!

Articles of Faith MEMORIZED!

Drew memorized all his articles of faith! Since I was his primary teacher for 6 months, I chose to devote some time during my lessons to this task. When Drew completed the challenge, Drew earned his free ice cream with our wonderful primary president, Sister Mary Anne Jensen. She came to pick him up and took him to Marble Slab where he ate mint choc chip ice cream. So proud of you, Drew!