Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter was such a beautiful weekend this year and one that we got to spend in Lake Jackson, TX with our extended family. This is a lovely place, one where we get to do sidewalk chalk:
 Go swimming with everyone in the pool, including Uncle Damon who throws Drake high into the air (which he loves and repeats, "Do it again!")
 where cannon balls are a must
 Easter egg coloring at its best with glitter, stripes, neon colors and paint!
 where big kids who don't like to use anything extra and only like solid colors, dye eggs too!
 where little girls drop eggs in the dye and then grab the new freshly colored egg and puts it directly in her mouth
 Where the Easter bunny stumbles across her own system of candy, a book, a movie and a toy in each basket! hooray!
Drew got the full set of Harry Potter dvds and a new lego creator set.
Dilan got a Barbie collection of books, the Barbie Pearl Princess dvd and toy
Drake got and Easter Thomas the train book, Thomas Spills and Thrills dvd and two new trains, Porter and Stafford
Dakota got a Frozen sisters book, the new pirate fairy DVD and a new toy smart phone
 Checking out the goods

 Our little Easter bunny
 Drake literally slept through coloring Easter eggs. He fell asleep from swimming all day and could not wake up for it. He slept all night and even missed out on the other kids finding their baskets. Once he woke up, he chose to dump out his bucket to figure out what he got. He loves his trains and have been carrying both of them around constantly.
 Most of the cousins are pictured here...
 and all of them here... Liam was not interested in having this group picture taken! :)
 Dakota was precious and she definitely broke some eggs in the hunting process
 Drake loved hunting the eggs and found the last one in the tricycle's trunk
 Drew's favorite find was here on top of the light
 Dilan didn't stop for me to even take a picture, she was fast!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pre-school Easter egg hunts

Dilan and Drew participated in their Easter egg hunts at school. Dilan wore her "easter egg" shirt and insisted on making bunny ears for her pictures. She loved opening each egg and seeing what was inside. Skittles, jolly ranchers, star burst and jelly beans, oh my!

 Drake loved showing me the eggs he got. When we got in the car and I told him we could open the eggs when we got home, he gasped and said, "No, mommy, Mrs. Kim said we couldn't open them!" It was so cute because he wanted to follow the rules. He didn't quite understand that he could eventually open the eggs up. Once he started opening each egg, he acted like it was Christmas, he was thrilled with whatever was inside. Pure joy! :)

April Happenings

Dilan and Drake had preschool class pictures taken so I took some of my own :)
 Dakota wanted to get in on taking some pictures even though she wasn't dressed for the day yet

 Dakota is very busy at her brother and sister's soccer games :)
 The hail storm came and blew our trampoline two houses down. Then another wind storm came and blew it back over the fence to our next-door neighbor's house. This time the frame was bent and we had to say good bye :(
 One of my dearest and closest friends is also one of my old college roommates. She gets to come visit us from California once a year and we LOVE it! Our kids are the same ages and they have a blast too. You just can't beat times like these.
 Drew had his first pinewood derby. He made the design himself and called his car, "Danger." Lightening bolts on the sides and one down the middle which got messed up so it turned into a flame instead. Drew unfortunately got strep the day before the derby and saved all his energy for his soccer game. So, he wasn't up to attending the Derby plus we had friends in town so we didn't go to the actual races. But he got to the elimination round and placed second in our ward. He also won "best wedge car."

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Soccer 2014

We have had quite the soccer season this spring! With only a few weeks left, I wanted to post some pictures. Dilan played soccer when she was 3 with the YMCA. At first she was very interested, and then it slowly decreased and by the end of the season she didn't care to play when she was on the field. Then, she had a friend play this past fall and Dilan was interested again. She asked me: when was she going to get the chance to play soccer?  So, we signed her up on her friend's team and she is actually playing a year up, meaning with 6 years olds and she just turned 5. I was a bit nervous at first and I had every right to be. She came crying off the field the first two games. But she made it through the third game and from then on, she has really enjoyed playing. Once she had made it through three games without tears, she got a brand new pink soccer ball. Then, we told her if she scored, we would get her pink cleats. Well, my friends, it happened. Dilan scored a goal! She has developed quite a kick and she kicked the ball pretty far and fast and as her teammates ran to catch up with it, it went right in! I had tears in my eyes I was so happy for her. Dilan didn't yell or scream, she stopped and turned around with a huge smile on her face while her teammates were cheering for her. She literally just took it all in. When she came to the sidelines, she immediately said, "mom, I get my pink cleats!" yes, dear, you sure do! GO SUNNY BEES!!! buzzzzzz

 throwing the ball in

 she is number 10 throwing the ball in
Drew has also had a great season so far. This team only had four remaining players on it and it took some time to gel but once they did, they have been playing great! I finally feel like he has a team here in Frisco where we interact with the parents and we are all so proud of the progress they have made. David is the coach and he works really hard with the boys. Drew is more and more aggressive which is fun to see and he is excellent on defense. It is his strong point. :) GO RED STORM!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A wolf and a soccer player...

This past Saturday was crazy for us. It started with a pack meeting, two soccer picture times, and two soccer games all before noon. We made it though and even have pictures to prove it.
We had a pack meeting pancake breakfast at the church for Drew. The theme was magic and Drew made his own wand.
 Drew also earned his Wolf badge which he's been working on since he turned 8 last summer.
 He pinned a wolf pin on me and then I got to paint yellow stripes under his eyes (like a football player) as recognition. Drew will wait until June to become a Bear. He's already looking forward to scout camp in June!
 Dilan's third game and she made it through without tears - yeah!!! The first game she got hit with the ball and it was tears from then on. The second game also landed us in tears but she did go back and finish the game. I told Dilan she could earn a pink soccer ball (like her friends have and as a sidenote she had a pink ball that got destroyed) if she could play both her quarters with no tears and all the way to the end. It happened!!!
Here are some pictures from Dilan on the Sunnybee team... buzz.... buzzzzz
 Got a picture of her kicking the ball!
 Dilan has the hardest kick on the team and is often the one kicking the ball in
Celebrating her team scoring