Monday, September 21, 2015

Dakota's First Day of MDO

Dakota was so excited to go to her first day of preschool. She only attends one day a week on Wednesdays but she was ready! Dakota insisted on wearing her princess backpack (even though one was not required) and she went right into her room and immediately sat at the table to start eating her snack. No need to say bye to me and no time to play with the toys as all the other kids were doing. Dakota took her nap well at school and when I picked her up, she ran up to me smiling and said, "Mommy, I missed you so much!" She squeezed me very tight. Her report for the day said she was happy, and chatty. The teacher also indicated that she didn't know what she was going to teach Dakota this year as she is so smart and knows everything already! Dakota loved her first day, and I know she will really enjoy her school experience this year with Ms. Melissa.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Drake's First Day of Pre-K 2015

Drake started pre-K today! Drake was so excited to go to school and he didn't miss a beat. He got himself dressed and ready to go, didn't complain about me fixing his hair (a miracle!), and made a decision that his shoes were too small today. I hadn't bought him new school shoes yet because I was going to wait until he needed them. Apparently, he needed them today! So, he wore his casual gray shoes that looked even better with his outfit. The night before school started Drake told me to not to forget that he needed to wear the lei his teachers gave him. I explained that was for him to keep at home and play with. Drake said, "ok!," and then he was ready to go! We drove to school and Dakota had to put her backpack on just like her big brother. Drake walked into the classroom, hung up his backpack, and went immediately to his desk. He grabbed the red playdough in front of him and began playing with it right away. Drake had a hard time stopping so I could take a picture of him at his desk but eventually he did and then I gave him a hug and a kiss goodbye and that was it! Drake was on his own and loving every minute of it. When I came to pick Drake up, he was jumping up and down with excitement to see me but he was patiently waiting for his "surfboards" from his teacher to put up on the behavior chart. He was thrilled to get them for being on his "best behavior" today and then ran to me. The first thing he said was that he needed to take a shower tonight because he had been so hot and sweaty. When he walked in the door, he immediately went upstairs to play trains with Dakota. Drake had a great day at school!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day weekend was spent at home with friends this year. We watched the BYU game with the Curtis' and others and we went to the ward's pancake breakfast on Labor Day. We all ate delicious pancakes and bacon, then played games outside like bean bag toss, and hoola hoops. Then, we went inside to the gym where David and the big kids played a huge game of volleyball with so many friends. It was so much fun to watch. Later that day, we went to the Johnson's pool to go swimming. We ate pizza and fried chicken and really enjoyed the family time.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Meet the Teacher - Pre-school 2015

Drake and Dakota were so excited to meet their new teachers this year for school. First, we stopped at Dakota's teacher, Ms. Melissa's, room. It was so fun to see Dakota's name on her door. I can't believe my last little one is old enough to have her own teacher and a place just for her. Dakota went right in and started playing with the toys the teacher had out, specifically the trains. The teacher was impressed she was potty-trained already. and Ms. Melissa also knew who Drake was when he walked in. She's been at the school for 3 years and it warmed my heart that she paid attention to all the children enough to know Drake from his two-year old class and who his old teacher was too.
After Dakota's class, we went to Drake's classroom where Dilan had done pre-k as well. We were so excited to find out that Drake has Ms. Leigh Ann just like Dilan did. His second teacher is Ms. Terri who is the mom of a boy who was in Drake's 2 year old class a few years ago so we knew her too. In fact, Drake went to her son's birthday party at his home. Drake loved seeing his name in the beach-themed room on the door as well as his chair. He received a lei from his teacher and a fun bag of treats and play sand. Drake took the lei off as he didn't want to wear it when he went to his seat but as soon as I told him  to take a picture with his teachers, he put it right back on. He also saved the lei when we got home, put it on his dresser, and when the first day arrived, he told me he needed to wear it. I assured him that he could leave it at home so he did. Drake also received "first day confetti" where he was to put it under his pillow for the magic of the first day. Instead, I had him go outside that morning and sprinkle it in the grass hoping for a great first day of school.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

In between school and pre-school

David's mom, Colleen, came into town for the first weekend after school started. That morning, David and Drew had soccer practice so I took the kids and Colleen to Warrior Martial Arts. That particular week Drake had come to me to show me his karate moves. He was actually interested in learning martial arts. I called Warrior Martial Arts and they were having a back to school party and free trial class. Drake loved the class and especially meeting Spiderman and getting his autograph. We signed Drake up for the first month of classes too. Dilan and Dakota loved the popcorn, snow cones, and the bounce houses. Then, Colleen, took us to Chick-fil-a to get lunch. Later that day, we headed to Target so Dilan could get her My Generation doll, Willow's ears pierced for free. Dilan chose the pink heart-shaped earrings and while they were piercing Willow's ears, Colleen let each kiddo pick out a toy they wanted. It was a bit more of a painful process than I anticipated but eventually they all made their choice (Dakota - my little pony, Dilan - three different animal figures: alligator, panda, and horse, Drake - Colleen picked out a mine craft toy for Drew). Later that night, we took Colleen to Tex Mex Salsa for dinner that night.

Monday, July 20, 2015

My 39th Birthday!

The night before my birthday, we had a group of friends gather to celebrate all the June birthdays. We had Pizookies and watched the Bachelorette tv series together. It was a great girls' night and a lot of fun. The next day I hosted pool hop at our pool and I brought treats to share. It felt like a huge birthday party just for me to be at the pool with all of my friends and their kids. During the day, I had such sweet gifts given to me. My visiting teacher brought me flowers and chocolate, neighbors gave me a candle and a new makeup bag. Another friend brought over cookies and another gave me a bundt cake. David and the kids gave me my own set of Mexican Train dominoes game and a Fitbit. 

Twilight Camp 2015

Drew is now a Webelo and it's his last year at Twilight Camp. I volunteered two days, Tuesday and Friday, and Tuesday was my 39th birthday. I figured I would spend my day with my son as that would be a perfect gift for me. I probably wasn't thinking about the heat and the sweating I would do when I made that decision but I survived. Drew had so much fun the entire week. On Tuesday, we made bows and arrows, saw various raptors native to Texas, ran the obstacle course and was able to squirt the boys with water guns, and made rockets to launch. Friday was the day just for the Webelos and they could pick whatever they wanted to do. Our boys chose to do archery, crafts (Drew made a slingshot and a kite), and have snow cones too. They even flew in a rescue helicopter and had a firetruck there for the scouts to tour. After dinner, we went to rock climb and all of a sudden, the skies were black and the wind picked up. Camp was shut down and we all went home early. It poured and poured on the drive home but we made it back safely and had so much fun!

Summer Happenings

Drake took swim lessons from Mrs.Sally again this summer. He did great but because he can't touch the bottom of most pools, I still expected him to wear a floatie. But pretty soon after swim lessons, he chose not to wear a floatie in the shallow end and put it on if he wanted to swim with the big kids in the deeper areas. And then all of a sudden, Drake is completely comfortable swimming in the pool without a floatie at all. He is such a smart boy who is aware of his surroundings. He swims all over the place and does it with confidence. I'm so proud of Drake and his willingness to use his skills to swim and have fun. Can't wait for this kid to do swim team next summer!
I signed Drew and Dilan up for swim team this summer. Since we weren't taking any big trips this summer, I knew we had time for them to try it out. I also wanted them to become stronger swimmers overall. The season has been such a great experience. The kids love going (maybe not waking up early to go even though practice is at 9 a.m.) and have enjoyed learning so much. At each meet, both Drew and Dilan beat their previous times in all their events they swam. Dilan made an "A" time in both backstroke and freestyle qualifying her for regionals. At regionals, Dilan's freestyle relay team got 5th place (out of 5 teams that competed) which meant she qualified for STATE. Dilan will go to state in College Station, Texas with her relay team on August 1.
Dilan at her first swim meet
 MawMille and Popo at Drew and Dilan's first swim meet

Father's Day Weekend 2015

I was supposed to fly to Chicago and spend my bday weekend with Keely but her kiddos got sick and she had to return home from a work training. So I was in town for Father's Day weekend and Colleen came up to celebrate David too. We had a great time giving David a "best Dad ever" t-shirt and two new movies, Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We also saw the movie, Inside Out, which was a great movie about emotions and the brain, and we even got a date night playing Whirlyball with many of our friends at church. David and I made a great team and had so much fun playing together. The next day at church, we served the guys a BBQ lunch!
 Mimi and Drew

Drew turns 10!

It's officially Drew's birthday and he chose light blue balloons to wake up to. He also chose a trip to the zoo today with friends.
Rode the carousel many times! The kids love the bird's nest where they can spin around and around!
 The zoo has the dinosaur exhibit this summer and it included this puppet show from some Australian troupe. They did a great job and it was very informative and entertaining. We got to meet the puppets after the show as well. Most memorable part was teaching the kids that mother dinosaurs often feed their babies by regurgitation... ewww!
 Time for popsicles!
 Birthday boy on the biggest elephant
 Dilan posed for this picture on the jeep
 We had so much fun with friends at the zoo celebrating Drew's special day. He chose dinner at Chick-fil-a too :)