Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Data Recovery

Ace Data Recovery is my hero! Right before David  left for China Drew asked me to see some of his childhood videos. I decided that this was a good project to work on while David was gone. So the Wednesday before he left on Thursday I opened up our new hard drive to find that David had not transferred the videos over to it.  Everything else was there including all of our photos. I am mediately got the old hard drive and hooked it up to my laptop and begin copying the videos over to the new hard drive. I closed the top of the laptop and walked out. When I walked back in the hard drive was no longer connected to my laptop. When I asked David what happened he said that I had to keep the screen open in order to continue copying the files. But when he closed the screen, the hard drive fell to the ground and would not turn back on. I was panicked. And we searched our other drives for the videos and they weren't on them. I could barely sleep from the anxious feelings and complete devastation I felt. I couldn't eat, I cried a lot and David was across the world in China. By Monday, I found a place by reading google reviews that I had hope in. Ace Data Recovery was it. I shakinglybput the hard drive in my car and traveled half an hour there. Talked to the man behind the desk and he told me there were Russian engineers that worked there and if they didn't have the code to get the data they could write it. Two agonizing days went by before I got the phone call that they could recover my data. $1300 later and another week gone by and finally had the videos in my hands. I can't even say how upset I was over these videos. I had burned up to 2011amd had the 2016 videos but I was missing 4 years and I just couldn't imagine losing it. Now, onto actually getting those videos into movies so we can have them and enjoy them!!!