Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turkey Trot 2012

David and Drew signed up to run the North Texas Turkey Trot together. It was held in Frisco which is the place we are moving to soon and since it was the same distance to run there or to go into the city of Dallas, we chose to head north to our future hometown. After David's dad passed away in 2007, David and his siblings began a tradition of running the Turkey Trot when they could to honor their Dad since his birthday is near Thanksgiving every year. This year we made it happen. Also, we have been thinking Drew was ready to run his first 5K for a while now because he is such a runner but we weren't totally sure. I simply did not want his first official race to be a bad experience but when he ran the fun run at school last week like he did, I told David that Drew was ready to run the 3.2 miles no problem. Of course the night before the race, we are telling Drew it's just important to have fun, to enjoy the experience, to have a goal to just finish the race - you know the good parenting talk you are supposed to have because you have images of ruining this kid's love for running.
Well, much to both David and my surprise, this kid blew us away... Drew ran the 5K in 31:09! He literally kept up with David the entire time, never slowed down and ran it like it was no big deal. We were waiting at the finish line and I barely saw them because I wasn't expecting them at that time at all. I caught a glimpse of David and Drew was right behind him running full speed. Once they crossed the line, Drew was sweating but not even out of breath in the least. This kid was simply amazing. Even David looked at me and told me that Drew never complained but just ran and even impressed him. David's comment later was, "He's a Pistorius; he's a runner!"
The best part was that Drew said it was a hard run but that he felt proud of himself that he did so well. Once we got his official time, we told him that he placed second out of the other 7 year olds that ran the race. He also ranked number 69 out of 177 males age 14 and under in the race. Overall, it was a great experience and one I think Drew will remember as a good one. I'm grateful he has found something he's good at and something he can share with his Dad. :)
David and Drew pre-race. Drew LOVED the turkey on his shirt.
 Numbers on their backs
 My mom and Sam with our runners and Dilan and Drake too before the race
 Dilan watching the runners as they go by - looking for Daddy and Drew
 There they are! David and Drew waved as they ran by.
 Drew looking back one last time
 Waiting at the finish line having fun and eating snacks
 After the race grabbing goodies
 David and Drew enjoying their fruit after the race
 Pistorius family after the race
 Me and my runner.
So proud of Drew and glad that I only have a week left with this massive baby bump! :)


Lisa said...

SO awesome!! I'm totally impressed with Drew!!! Way to go! You guys look awesome!

Phillips Family said...

Wow, Dave can run a 5K? Who knew? Just kidding, happy to see you guys had a great time and that Drew did such a great job. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving. Good luck with the baby this week, we are thinking of you and your family.