Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Trunk or Treat 2015

Our trunk or treat was with our brand new ward this year before we had even met for a Sunday together. So, most of the people we didn't know but there were some familiar faces so that was good. It rained so the event was held indoors and the kids loved going from classroom to classroom getting candy. Dakota got the hang of it real quick and she and Drake stuck together. I didn't see Dilan most of the night because once she found her friends, she went around with them. She even sat with her friends at their table for the chili cook-off. It was a sign of things to come if she is choosing her friends at age 6 already! MawMille and Popo were here with us for Drake's birthday weekend and were able to share in the fun along with us. They enjoyed seeing the kids dressed up in their costumes and seeing them trick or treat at the church.