Monday, August 26, 2013

Little Elm Lake

We headed over to the Little Elm Park that is just in the town over from us where they have a small beach. The kids really enjoyed it and it was really hot. We got very dirty but it was fun to be there with friends and play. Even though we've stayed in Texas this summer and had more of a "staycation," it was the best summer we've had so far. My goal was  for Drew to not say the words, "I'm bored," once and he didn't say it once. :) 

Drake digging in the sand
 Dilan enjoying the water
 My big girl
 My little boy
 My big kid
 Dilan was having a blast in the water along with her fruit snack
 My handsome big kid spent a lot of time digging a trench with his friends so they could pour water and watch it flow to back into the lake.